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Appreciation and Recognition:


Mothers expect to be appreciated and recognized for their role in the family and their contributions to their children’s lives. Expressing gratitude through heartfelt words, gestures, or even a handwritten note can go a long way.



Celebrate her Success:


Acknowledge your mother’s achievements, whether they are related to her career, personal goals, or other aspects of her life. Celebrate her successes and let her know that you are proud of her. Making cookies for the first time since you had asked for, its her biggest achievement, appreciate her for those beautiful memories. Rekindle such small moments and make her feel super special.


Surprise Gifts:


Mother’s Day is an opportunity for reflection and gratitude. Mothers expect their family to acknowledge and recognize their sacrifices, hard work, and unconditional love. Expressing gratitude and showing them that they are valued is essential. They always choose healthy food for us, why not we surprise them with a big bouquet of healthy millet cookies and chocotarts from Grano Life this Mother’s Day.


Quality Time:


Many mothers look forward to spending quality time with their loved ones. The presence and undivided attention is what she would look for. Give her a comfortable nap time without any disturbance. Let her rest as much as she wants without any tension of household chores. Make it happen on this beautiful mothers day.



A Day Off:


Mothers often handle numerous household responsibilities, so having a break from these duties on Mother’s Day is highly appreciated. Offering to take care of tasks like cleaning, cooking, or childcare can provide much-needed relaxation. Completely a day off for them can make wonders to their mental health.



Special Treat:


Moms are to be celebrated every day because they do all meals with utmost ease. Make them all meals at their place for at least a day and cherish their choice. Cooking their favourite meal for them the whole day would be the biggest gift that we could give them.



Show your Interest:


Show genuine interest in her hobbies, passions and keenly listen to every detail of her story. Hug her, hold her hand, or give her a gentle touch to show your love and affection. Physical affection can convey emotions that words sometimes cannot express. Give your mother a listening ear and be there for her. Let her know that you care about her thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Offer your support and be a source of comfort when she needs it.


Cherish Memories:


Look through old photo albums or home videos together. Reminisce about special moments, funny anecdotes, and cherished memories. It’s a beautiful way to reconnect and reflect on your journey together.


Movie Marathon:


Pick your mom’s favorite movies or a selection of feel-good films, and spend the day watching them together. Prepare some snacks, cuddle up on the couch, and enjoy a cozy movie marathon. Watching a movie at home beside her with a cup of coffee and healthy millet cookies can make them feel excited and super happy.


Perfect Outing:


Take your mom out for a fun day. It could be a picnic in the park, a visit to her favorite museum or art gallery, a hike in nature, or a trip to a local attraction she enjoys. Ask her out ahead on her favourite places, surprise her with sudden plans.


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