100% Gluten Free - Healthy Millet Snacking | Only Pure Natural Butter and Raw Cane Sugar Used

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GRANO LIFE is dedicated to making affordable, high-quality food made from unsung heroes of the superfood more accessible while helping break the cycle of nutrition deprivation.

Millet products are reimagined at GRANO LIFE, complemented with other power-packed ingredients to create our very own millet movement for the new decade.

Depending on storage conditions, its shelf life is up to 90 days

Yes, We Ship across India

Shipping charges vary with order quantity and size

Sorry, currently we aren’t providing for COD option.

No, we are available on digital platform only for now. We shall soon see you at our outlets.

Maximum 7 days from the date of Order. It can be tracked based on order number

No, Please feel free to explore all other products too

Yes, its fibre rich and easily digested.

As often as you like, whenever you feel like just take a bite, its a anytime snack.

Definitely yes.

Absolutely yes, they can. It supports as a boosting factor for their health.

It’s a gluten free product and anyone and everyone can consume this

We double check on the quality before we ship, if by chance your pack has been tampered with, our sincere apologies for that and we will immediately arrange for replacement.

Please write to us : [email protected] , we will address it immediately.

We use 7 types of Millets in our product line and they are Ragi, Sama, Kodo, Jowar, Kangani, Bajra and Sanava

You can write to us : [email protected] or reach us at +91 9342133441