100% Gluten Free - Healthy Millet Snacking | Only Pure Natural Butter and Raw Cane Sugar Used

During my childhood days, for every summer holidays during April & May, i used to go to my grandmother’s house. We had the best time at our native. Especially with the homemade food that our grandmother prepares specially for us ! Consuming millets is of great advantage compared to rice, especially polished rice, millet releases a lower percentage of glucose and over a longer period of time. Millets have a greater amount of minerals than rice. It was the energy factor used to stay filled without hunger in our village.
One day she gave us cookies for an evening snack with a perfect tea. It was truly very delicious and tasty. When we asked her back on where she got it she answered that she prepared it herself. To our surprise, she had made it with the millets like Ragi , Sama, Kangni, Jowar, Sanwa, which we usually avoid it. She also insisted that this could be the best alternative to our unhealthy food practices in our modern lifestyle. Later throughout our holiday, every day she made millet cookie and we got addicted to its amazing taste.
Once we were back from the holidays, we completely missed those millet cookies. But GranoLife was there for our rescue. Curated the same tasty millet cookies, chocotarts and many more millet based snacks as healthy alternative. Their products are 100% Gluten Free. GranoLife uses pure raw cane sugar and pure butter only. No use of Maida, White Sugar or preservatives.
From the taste of the land is Absolutely Pure & Tasty !!!
Baked with love and perfection to all age groups.
Who would say no to tasty millet snacks when its tasty and healthy ??
Double the fun and double the love.
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