100% Gluten Free - Healthy Millet Snacking | Only Pure Natural Butter and Raw Cane Sugar Used


We source whole millets of the finest quality from farmers in select regions that have traditionally been known for specific types of millets. These millets are delivered directly to our trucks by the farmers.

Our grinding machines manned by well-trained people, grind the millets into fine flour that is of a standardised consistency .

We strive to ensure that our products are delicious and healthy. We use only select ingredients of excellent quality, specially chosen to partner the millet flour used for our products. Furthermore, we are absolutely gluten free and use only 100% raw cane sugar.

We use only 100 % natural butter when baking. Every cookie that you bite into has been baked by hands that possess the traditional expertise of making millet-based food products. A culinary magic that shows itself in the way each product is baked to perfection. Each bite deliciously melting in your mouth.

Your safety is of the highest priority to us. We strictly adhere to all safety standards and regulations. Our quality control systems follow rigorous procedures to ensure that our products meet the best of standards.

Each of our products is a work of art, working in harmony with the science behind millet consumption. We take great pride in gifting each of our products to you, who we value very highly